Storage London

In many cases, people are unable to move their belongings straight into a new property. You may be having more design work done, or your new contract may not have started by the time your old one ends. Nobody wants to be finding space for excess belongings when living somewhere temporary – this stage of your move can often be stressful enough. In this case, it may be a good idea to put your belongings in secure storage, and London Removals only offers the best.

Secure storage facilities

At London Removals, we have various storage options designed to suit any storage needs. We provide our clients with only the best quality storage facilities, and you can be reassured that however long your belongings are with us, they will remain protected and secure. We offer both long and short-term storage, so whatever your needs may be, London Removals can provide assistance. Customer service is integral to our business, and we aim to provide a first-class personalised service, making your move simple and stress-free.

Careful package and storage

Many of our clients decide to move into a rental home while their new one is being completed. If you choose to use our expert packing services, our team will carefully pack up your belongings, load, and finally deliver any excess items to our storage facilities, where they will stay until you give the order for them to be removed. Any items that you wish to be stored will be wrapped and packed in the best quality materials. When you remove them from storage, you’ll find that their standards have been expertly maintained.

Get a free quote

We try to be accurate and transparent about our costs wherever possible, and we pride ourselves on our affordability. If you provide us with an estimation of how many of your belongings you are wanting to leave in our store and for how long, we will work out how much space you will require from us. After combining this figure with the price of any other services your move will require, our expert system can provide you with a quote, completely free of charge.

For more information, contact London Removals at 02080899560. Our team are eager to provide assistance and are always reachable via phone or email. Book to use our storage facilities today for a simple, seamless move.