Moving Home Checklist

Moving home can be both stressful and exciting, but being as organised as possible can help to keep any stress levels to a minimum. Keeping a checklist of your tasks can take the weight off the moving experience, so you can arrive safe and sound in your new home without any hiccups along the way. Here are some important things to think about before your moving date.


It’s never too early to put the wheels in motion ahead of your house move, so organising your possessions makes for a great starting point. Get rid of things you no longer need so you can start afresh at your new abode with minimal clutter.

Give notice

If you’ve already been given a moving date, you might need to think about giving notice if you’re currently renting or if you’re moving to a new area and need to hand your notice in at work.

Organise packing

At least a month or so before moving, get in touch with London Removals to organise your move. If you need to put things into storage, let our experts know and we can provide you with all the moving accessories you need.

Start packing

Begin to pack items that you don’t use regularly as soon as possible to save you from leaving it all to the last minute. Avoid overfilling boxes and always wrap delicate and fragile items carefully. It’s a good idea to label boxes with similar items destined for the same room so it’s easier to unpack. Don’t pack important documents, however – keep them with you.

If you’re busy with work and family commitments and don’t have the time, our team can help with things like dismantling furniture and putting it together again on arrival at your new premises.

Contact service providers

Once your moving date is confirmed, contact your service and utility providers and give them your new details. You’ll normally need to provide at least 48 hours’ notice. Don’t forget to let all of your other contacts know!

Moving day

Moving day will undoubtedly be hectic, so it’s important to keep in close contact with us as the big day draws nearer to firm up details. Pack up an ‘essentials’ box with things that you can easily get hold of when you first arrive at your new property, such as toilet paper, soap, tea bags, a tea towel and snacks. Give your old house one final check before you close the door for the last time.

Take the stress out of your house move by contacting London Removals.