Piano removals London

Whether you’re a professional pianist, a part-time tinkler or even if the antique piano in your home is merely a statement piece of furniture, moving a piano safely in London can be something of an ordeal. You might even have more than one piano, which means you need to give some thought to a piano logistics London company.

Packing a piano for moving it in London

Packing a piano is very different to moving furniture or boxes of belongings. Our experts will use our extensive knowledge of securing a piano before it can be shifted.

This includes wrapping important and delicate parts, protecting the legs and keys, and securing the lid. Internal pieces of a piano are also easily broken, so we take great care to ensure these are protected while ensuring the piano’s performance won’t be affected once you’ve settled into your new home.

We then take steps to ensure the most appropriate means of removing a piano is implemented. We crew up with sufficient manpower to do this safely while using mechanical means if required. All of this is risk assessed in line with our health and safety procedures.

Pianos transport London-based for a home move

The capital is a big, bustling city. Parking close to a property from where a piano will be moved and delivered is a challenge in itself. We have built up an extensive knowledge of removals from London addresses and will acquire a a local authority parking suspension should we require it.

At the other end – your piano in its new London home

Once we’ve arrived at your new address, the hard work may only just be beginning. The accessibility and layout of your new home may be completely different to the address from where the piano was moved from.

For this reason, we’ll ask you about the details of your old property, as well as the one you’re moving to. We’ll consider the details of both our packing and piano moving service and we will use the information for our moving plan and risk assessments.

Could you move a piano yourself in London?

Pianos are bulky, heavy and despite their chunky appearance, really quite delicate. Dropping a piano could set you back hundreds of pounds in repairs, and if you haven’t had your piano insured, the situation becomes even more disastrous.

As well as potential musical heartbreak, moving a piano yourself can be backbreaking. When stairs, or even a step, are involved, the task becomes all the more difficult. You’ll need to hire a van and assemble a team of willing, and strong, helpers.

Our professional piano movers London service offering

There are two distinct phases to shifting a piano to your new home. The first is identifying a piano removals London company that specialises in packing the instrument for piano transport London-wide, then moving it and unloading at the other end.

How much does moving a piano cost in London?

The cost of moving a piano in London depends on a few factors.

First is the type of piano it is. Grand pianos are bigger, heavier and more difficult to handle than upright pianos, for example.

Second is how far you are moving the piano into, within, or out of London.

Third is the access arrangements at both properties, plus the mode of handling and the number of staff we’ll need to pack, transport and unpack the piano.

In truth, the best way to estimate the price of moving a piano in London is to contact a few reputable companies to gain a ballpark figure. Then, contact our London piano moving specialists and we’ll give you our very best rate in a free and no-obligation quotation.

Feel free to provide us with other rates you may have received and you may be surprised at how competitive we really are.

Remember though, we will never attempt to undercut the opposition if it means compromising on safety and moving your piano in the most effective way to avoid any damage or breakages.

We move lots and lots of pianos in London every year. Get in touch and we’ll have you happily relaxing with your favourite piece in no time.